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In my early youth, my father was a successful businessman and was known as the "King of Dampers" by some of my friends.

"I was not the fastest man on the land, but the best," says my former student, who has named his father after his favourite hero, Michael Jordan. "I was a man of the people: a person who could do something about it. I went to school, I bought a house (and) I got a job. Being a good businessman didn't make me into a killer. In my early twenties it was a struggle."

My father was a successful businessman and was famous for his work for large multinationals, such as the Royal Navy. He was also close with his former partner, Michael Davenport, who was working as a security company executive.

"I was always the best of friends," says Mycroft. "They went shopping for a house. They took my things, I helped them with their homework, they had a great time when they had to go to work and they had a great time. This was my life. This was my life - in my mid-teens, not far from where my dad was."

Mycroft's father and his two brothers also took care of the house when Mycroft was a young boy. Mycroft was never happy with his mother's house at all, believing it was too big and expensive. Mycroft used to buy his father a flat with a garden and a shed. Mycroft had to stay in the living room every morning to protect his parents from the wind. Mycroft often went to the garden and the yard with his father.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Mycroft's father Michael Davenport in the 1980s. Photograph: Ian Moore for the Guardian

Mycroft was the father of six children. Mycroft's mother, who was a nurse, had two sons. Mycroft was the youngest of four children.

Mycroft, a teacher, helped my father, his brother, his sisters and a sister. Mycroft's brother, a mechanic, worked as a labourer and was a father figure to his son. Mycroft was also a successful businessman and a builder. Mycroft was also a keen sailor and a pilot.

Mycroft was one of the people who made my father's life difficult. He was a quiet boy and I don't think he would have been so kind if he had been an older brother. Mycroft's brother was a schoolteacher and one of the pupils in his school when I was a child. Mycroft was a great teacher. He was good with children. I never saw him as a threat.

Mycroft is one of my favourite childhood memories. I remember when Mycroft was a child trying to escape from his parents on a boat. "I'd stand there and I'd be scared and I'd try and get out of there. I would say to him, 'You have to get out,' and he'd get excited and he'd say, 'I don't know how to do that.' It was the most challenging thing I ever did."

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Mycroft. Photograph: Rob Keogh for the Guardian

Mycroft grew up in a small village in the North of England; his father died at around the age of 12. Mycroft is now a father and grandfather. Mycroft's brother was a teacher and a teacher in his school when I was a child. Mycroft was a good, gentle boy who had never been bullied in any way. "I'd just say to him, 'You have to go out and have fun. You have to go out, you have to do this. You have to do this. You have to do this.' And he'd get in a boat and he'd go, 'Oh my God, you're going to do this!'"

Mycroft is close to his dad but he hasn't yet known how he got here. Mycroft's mother is working as a housekeeper at one of the companies, which is now called Tyneside. Mycroft was married on the island of Monmouth in the early 1960s and had two young children, my sister-in-law, and a stepmother. Mycroft had no children but my sister-

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