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Hi there, I’m looking at developing a website that would incorporate a python program. Below please find the details:

I am building a tool that scrapes Reddit to spot stocks that are gaining traction on there so investors can buy these stocks as early as possible before they become known to the mainstream.

The GitHub repo I want to use is the following: https://github.com/kaito1410/AutoDD_Rev2
And the website I’d like to build would look a little bit like this: http://unbiastock.com/reddit.php
This website is actually leveraging the python program I’ve shared with you but I do not like the interface, which feels very confusing. I’d like to build something much simpler that would have one homepage where the “hot stocks” of the day are displayed. Something more intuitive that would look more like something like this: https://explodingtopics.com/

As I said, the python code is already available so it’s mostly about providing a web interface to surface the results provided by the program in a user-friendly way.

Let me know your thoughts! Happy to get on a call to discuss this further.

Views: 100, posted on: 2021-01-11