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Lichens exhibit the symbiotic association between algae and fungi. The fungal partner is involved in sexual reproduction with the help of reproductive structures called apothecia.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a yeast used in making bread (Baker's yeast) and commercial production of ethanol.

Paramoecium and Plasmodium belong to the animal kingdom while penicillium is a fungus. Lichen is a composite organism formed from the symbiotic association of algae and a fungus. Nostoc and Anabaena are examples of kingdom Monera.
African sleeping sickness disease also called trypanosomiasis common in Africa is caused by parasite Trypanosoma gambiense. The parasite is transmitted by Tes-Tse fly (Glossina palpalis).
Desmid, Dinoflagellate, and Diatom are the plant-like protists. Slime mould is a fungi-like protist.
Protistans are eukaryotes with true nucleus and genetic material is embedded inside the nucleus. DNA is not naked and is found to be associated with histone protein.
All viruses are nucleoprotein (Nucleic acid + Protein) in the structure. The nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) is the genetic material. In a particular virus, either DNA or RNA is genetic material; never both are present in a virus. Hence viruses are:

(i) Double-stranded DNA or ds DNA - Hepatitis B

(ii) Single-stranded DNA or ss DNA - Coliphage

(iii) Double-stranded RNA or ds RNA - Reovirus, wound Tumor virus

(iv) Single-stranded RNA or ss RNA - Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)
The fructifications of certain fungi are used as nutritious and delicious food e.g., Agaricus bisporus and A. campestris (mushrooms).
Halophiles are organisms that thrive in high salt concentrations. They are a type of extremophile organisms. The name comes from the Greek word for "salt-loving", as they survive in extremely saline conditions.
Mycoplasma is a wall-less bacteria. It is also known as PPLO. Because of the absence of a cell wall, it may have several shapes therefore termed as pleomorphic organisms. The absence of a cell wall makes them resistant to penicillin.
A chemolithotroph is an organism that is able to use inorganic reduced compounds as a source of energy. This mode of metabolism is known as chemolithotrophy. Other than chemolithotrophic the major autotrophic mode of nutrition is photoautotrophic.

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