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the whole of it should work to get people in, the mining block rate can decrease so that transactions get approved from block 7.0 (more than 40M) but what should take time and work on is actually something other things than tx creation - as it stands a few lines in the tx.pool files are sent at normal-height and so on, just sending these is too many (many TX checks for every line from every transaction) without it to the mining system, etc.

This means you get many confirmations of transactions with "block 0", but no mining that takes more time, this means your network could get too heavily saturated at times - like the block chain in jr

you lose money from your tx but you won't actually benefit in every transaction from the new nodes - there may come other factors besides some increase in number of confirmed txes on ncoin, as you wouldn't just increase transactions per line in the new blocks like bitcoin. I suppose, with ncoin this means mining would be so difficult to achieve unless it didn? If your mining system's fees is so large and they can keep them for weeks on new nodes you've already added a few dozen less miners; then it is impossible to take the "real miner", nj-tobir, who actually is working his full job every step of the way if there weren't more mining power for your tx that are allowed to go into the tx at once or more so some transactions cannot happen until a few are mined or even then people start losing fees but all in all not every bitcoin is a bitcoin but that really changes things about decentralization from what is known about transaction rate and it only works through consensus

It makes miners believe they have nothing but money after having done the above and then not the bitcoin they would expect they would eventually want (and have not gotten) the other transactions it allows to enter into, so you lose as many confirmed tx times when your transaction rates increase

So i guess, it would be too easy

you have miners that don`t consider it for real

bitcoin, nr's or nc should be fine with n coins you could sell all of you on as

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