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There will no further responses from me unless I do it FACE-TO-FACE IN A MEETING with representatives of the local oppressors. If they have so many so-called “accusations”, then they should ALSO have the courage to level them at me IN PERSON.

I have ALREADY REPLIED to their most-repeated questions:

Q: WHEN IS A PROMISE KEPT? A: See: https://snippet.host/wtbs and Q: IN EXILE? A: It’s far better to be in “exile” than be in a hellhole. See the April 9th update of the HONEST GUIDE at https://docdro.id/f1PCDqn for details.

FURTHER LOSS OF TIME and/or ATTEMPTS TO FORCE ME TO CHANGE MY DECISION[S] WITHOUT OFFERING PROPER COMPENSATION will lead to more "Compensation Experiments". See https://postimg.cc/XGS4Q6N1.

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