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When I saw them my dick perked up a bit. The blonde lifted her shirt to show her toned belly. I could see the top of her pale blue panties above her loose jeans.

Hi girls! I grinned and walked between them, reaching my arms out. They giggled and Stella lifted my hand onto her large breasts. I groped them greedily. My other hand fell behind Katie and found the back of her jeans. I gripped tightly enough to part her cheeks and lift her off the ground.

Mmm heehee!

Stella's hand was on mine, pushing my hand against her needy tits. She pulled my hand to her mouth and began sucking on my finger. She never broke eye contact.

I put my arms around their thin waists and led them to the dugout.

We sat down and Katie started kissing my neck. Stella couldn't get enough of my finger as she sucked and stared at me.

You sure love to suck don't you Stella?

Yes sir. She answered immediately

Katie had been rubbing my hard dick over my pants and rubbing her tits up and down my chest. Her thin tank top barely containing her erect nipples. She unzipped and got on her knees. She buried it deep in her throat and left it there as I pushed her head onto it

Stella took her shirt off and only had a thin lacy bra

Do you like them, Mr? She looked at me innocently

Katie stood up and turned around. She let her jeans fall to reveal her high cut panties to me. Her ass was full and fantastic. I took my attention off Stella and filled my hands. She bent over and leaned against the wall looking back at me. My hand slid between her legs and caressed her warm mound.


Stella was getting jealous and took off her bra. She got in my lap and pushed her huge tits in my face until I couldn't see or breathe. I licked and sucked on them hungrily

i had waited enough and picked up stella, bending her over the bench. Her white short shorts came off easily and her friend was now humping my fingers. Grasping them and rubbing her wet mound against them. Stella's bright pink panties were soaked and I put my whole mouth around her mound and sucked her juices. My finger found her engorged clit and I rubbed it over her panties and she called out "oh yes..yes.. oh my"

I was now rock hard and katie positioned her face under my throbbing cock. She opend her mouth wide and I squeezed some precum into her mouth. She deserved it. She licked it up and stuck her tongue. I spread my legs and let my long shaft drop into her throat. Pulsing when it got there. I slowly fucked her mouth and she squirmed and writhed, feeling her tits and rubbing herself over her panties.

Stella was yelping and begged for me.

Please fuck me, mr. roper

Some boys walked by as I slid her soaking panties down her smooth thighs. She arched her back up and squeeze a large breast as she sucked her thumb like a little girl while looking at them. Not so shy after all.

I had dreamed of how her pussy tasted since she was 13 and we had just moved in. Her smile always telling me she would do anything I said. She fantasized about coming into his car late at night in nothing but panties and a tank top and letting him use her mouth. She fingered herself at night and imagined him fucking her.. "yes jesse" "fuck me" "I need it"

I parted her lips stuck together with gruel and slid my tongue in, wrapping my lips around her labia. A shock ran through my body. She gasped and I yanked her hair back again hard.

"yes sir" "fuck this little girl" "I crave your cock"

I turned to look down and see Katie gagging on my cock. Some tears ran down her cheeks but her eyes were closed in pleasure. Her fingers were now inside her panties, fingering herself hard as her mouth became my pussy to fuck. I pushed deep into her mouth until my balls were on her chin and shot cum deep down her throat. She squealed and brought herself to orgasm at the same time.

Shortly soonafter while I tongue fucking her friend, she appeared and kissed me hard, like it was the hardest she had ever cum. She watched me go to town on her friend and noticed her tight little asshole untouched. She licked around the center and i felt her fingers slide under my chin and deep into her friend's pussy. UGH Stella squealed and turned around. You bitch! haha! Such a pretty smile on such a pretty little girl. she pumped downwards a few times, reaching stella's gspot while my tongue licked all around her clit. It was too much as she came to her first orgasm as the boys watched on. She smiled for them

Katie's fingers were glistening from her friend and they found stella's tight asshole. She rubbed the opening and got it nice and wet. "oh yesyesyes" stella was in heaven. Katie's tongue now found the center and she shoved it in. Stella lurched forward but soon began pushing back on her tongue. The two of our tongues filling this young girl's pretty holes to our hearts content.

We gorged ourselves and brought the pretty little girl to another intense orgasm.

Fuck me you big man. I don't want to remember my name when you're done. I'll be your whore anytime you want. My mom thinks you're hot too, she would let you if she could watch.

With her drenched pink panties around her knees, I lifted my spoiled cock into position after having been sucked by her friend and used to throat fuck her.

I smacked her lips a few times with the swollen head and she jumped and giggled.

Oh fuck I need it so bad Jesse. Have your way with me, sir. Whatever you want

You're a good little slut Stella.

She barked like a little dog and giggled

By now I was rubbing my big head up and down her lips. She was so turned on after me and Katie worked on her beautiful ass and delectable pussy.

I poked the head into her and it was tight. Katie never stopped licking and tongue fucking her asshole. I looked over and noticed one of the boys was behind her and had yanked off her baby blue panties. He gave them to me and I inhaled them and stuffed them in Stella's mouth. She was about to get loud

The boy spanked her plump ass and she squealed with her mouth full of Stella's ass. I picked up her head by her hair while I teased Stella with the tip of my cock. She looked up at me in lust and I kissed her hard again. She was moaning while the boy took turns spanking her bouncy ass and fingering her needy hole. Up until now, only she had touched herself and she moaned as his fingers filled her dripping cunt.

I smacked Stella a few times and her squeals were muffled by Katie's soaked panties. I gripped her tight ass and slid my long shaft into her young pussy. She pushed back against me and grinded into me. She couldn't get enough.

I pulled it out and it was dripping with her juices. I let Katie have a taste. She sucked the head and licked it off the bottom of the shaft. I pulled the panties out of Stella's mouth and filled her mouth with it. She spit and slobbered on it. I pushed it in as far as it would go. Katie was now getting pounded by the boy and her tits bounced and moaned in my ear.

I replaced the panties in Katie's mouth. I had heard enough of her. Stella was back to begging me to fuck her and was now pleading.

I spread open her lips and and dug my tongue in again. I couldn't get enough of the taste of this fresh young slut. Then I slid it back into her and started fucking her deep and long. She moaned out in pleasure again. I spanked her and grabbed a clump of her beautiful long hair. Yanking it back, she gasped as I began fucking her hard and fast while the boy pounded away on the needy blonde slut to my left. Stella's pussy gripped my dick at if it didn't want to let go. I felt it pulsing and getting tighter and that was enough to send me to orgasm and pump round after round if thick cum into her. Building up after all those times her smiling at me and me looking at her gorgeous young body out of lust.

After I came I pulled the panties out of Katie's mouth and slid Stella's off her legs. They were my keepsakes.

The next time I saw Stella was when I stopped by the house and it was just her and her mom home. It took her a while to answer the door and she came out in a short skirt and tube. Dressed like fresh young meat for some lucky boy or dirty old man with a taste for young horny sluts like her.

Hello sir. Stella was polite and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Her large breasts pushed against me tightly

The teenager looked down at what she was wearing bashfully. Hey innocent eyes and nubile face didn't seem to match her curvy figure and slutty outfit. Her mom wore a low cut dress that complimented her figure

Where are the guys? They're having a guys night and Zoey is with the neighbors.

What do you girls have planned?

We were gonna go to the mall

My eyes were wide as I imagined that pair on both sides of me. As we walked, I watched Angela's ass freely bounce in the dress. Other young girls looked Stella up and down and then at me, jealous of my teen queen. They fixed they tops and pants showing me pieces of their bellies, breasts or panties. I wanted to touch each of them

I put my arm around Stella's waist and smiled at the girls.

When we sat down to eat, a few girls sat nearby. As close as they could. They chatted and turned their legs in my direction, showing me up their skirts. They took turns leaning over and allowing me to see their developing breasts, peeking up to seek my approval.

Stella and Angela noticed and were getting jealous.

They're pretty aren't they? Stella whispered in my ear as she touched my chest and kissed my neck. Angela's shoe was off and she was nudging me in the right place. Her frisky toes pushed again my growing member.

The young girls were daring. Before I knew what was happening their lips met and their tongues touched. They peeked over to see if I was watching

I was

The brunette smiled at me as she kissed her friend harder. She pulled her hoodie zipper down to reveal her tight white T-shirt. Her nipples poked through and her friend snuck her small hand in to pinch them gently at they kept kissing. Her shirt said "I <3 hot dads". Damn

I imagined her pretty young mouth wrapped around my thick shaft. Doing her best to take as much as she could. She sucked and licked the shaft until I shot her reward on her pretty face and tits

Her friend walked over to me and stripped off her pants. She walked into my face until her pungent pussy hit my nose. She knocked me down and positioned herself on top of my face, sliding my long nose between her slick lips

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