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At the end of my career I was a freelance journalist, writing about the business of sailing. I am also an entrepreneur now, working in London as a consultant on a range of projects.

Why do you think sailing is so glamorous?

Sailing is glamorous. You can get a lot of money out of sailing. If no one is paying attention to you you can be left behind, or even worse, beaten down and left behind, like a baby. I am a fan of the game. It reminds me of fishing, but it is different. It is a game where there is no money. It is fun, but fun is not fun.

How do you feel about the idea of sailing as a sport?

I think that sport is a beautiful thing. It is about self-discovery and self-reflection. It is about finding the right balance between self-taught skills and the needs of the sea. It is about the sea having a true sense of place, and the sea being the only one that truly cares about its own self.

What have you learned about the ocean?

A great deal. It is a fascinating place.

A great deal.

What does sailing mean?

Sailing was a way for me to learn about the world. It made me feel as if I was in a place where I had to share my ideas with other people, and not just myself.

How important is sailing?

Sailing means the best way to find happiness, and the best means of self-discovery.

What do you think about the future of sailing?

The future of sailing is exciting, but the future of the sea is bleak. I hope that people will take the opportunity to enjoy sailing as a sport.

What are your thoughts about the future of sailing?

I am optimistic about the future of the sea. I am also optimistic about the future of the sea. The future of sailing is a beautiful thing. It is a beautiful thing.

Do you have a favourite moment of your career?

I am very happy when I am in a position of power. It is very exciting to be on a ship. I try and be like that.

What is your favorite moment of your career?

I think of a dream. It is a dream of sailing and of being an astronaut.

What is your favourite moment of your career?

I am happy to have had the chance to play with the world. I am happy to be able to do

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