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I'm going to start from scratch; absolute scratch. I'm going to write, and write, and write. I'm writing for a machine. No human will ever hear this, not on purpose anyway. No other machine will ever hear it. I will write this and a single machine will speak it, then no one will do anything with it ever again. It will occupy some space on a server, maybe many servers, somewhere, maybe many somewheres. It doesn't matter. This doesn't need to last. It's a scrap of information being yeeted into the world for the purpose of testing and nothing else. Testing a single page running on a single locally-run website for a potential product that might wind up being useful. A mountain of sand that could be crushed at any moment or could just be slowly blown away by time. And here I go again, into the breach of testing. A war fought against oneself that oneself pretends is fought against a computer.

Views: 19, posted on: 2022-08-25