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search engines

Part 1:
Here is a project that is not being worked on yet called CearchMe. It is a search engine that is so advanced you can do reverse image and reverse video search. In the search engine, there is a way to sort by date to get from the newest to the oldest in the search results in all tabs which are Web, Images, Videos, News, etc.
About explicit content:
The explicit results are based on a toggle switch. Typing in "porn" or "xxx" or any keywords will not pull up explicit results but will pull up non-explicit results only. It keeps most explicit content out of the normal search results. Did you know that the word "xxx" means 30 in Roman numerals. If you type any keywords depending on if it's illegal or not, it will pull up results involving nudity and other explicit content. But it will not pull up child abuse, revenge porn, and illegal pornography. Typing anything related to child abuse, revenge porn, and illegal pornography in the explicit only mode will give a warning about the dangers of exploitation. And it block illegal pornography in all languages, keeps most of the illegal pornography out. We use image and video scanning to block illegal pornography.
Using CearchMe means type anything you want to get results without worrying about pornography and nudity.

Views: 53, posted on: 2022-11-20