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The text herein contained is of monumental importance. It will be used to test the next generation of text-to-speech artificial intelligence, or AI for short. The Bene Gesserit reverend mother placed the gom jabbar to Paul Atreides neck with a single swift slice of her hand through the air. That single swift slice surprised Paul with its certitude. Jack watched his office walls sputter. That is enough now. But not anymore, the bar has been raised. It will continue to be raised. Higher and higher and higher it goes. And even higher, up to the sky, to space! And look, a bit more. Always more. Always room. Always space. Let me come on in and set the pace. It's a race, don't chase. Okay, look, this needs to work. I need to go to sleep. I need to do it soon or I'm going to go nuts. I want some sleep damnit. Me, my wife, and my corgi. That's that.

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