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► "Biromantic/sexual", "Panromantic/sexual", "Bipanromantic/sexual", and "Omniromantic/sexual" may be considered to describe both my sexual and romantic orientation, but that's not always the case as I wish to not associate with the Bi VS. Pan debate, and BAB (Battleaxe Bisexual).
► Despite having an Unlabeled Gender there are, also, some gender identity labels that I'm comfortable with going by or identifying/associating with, and have enough confidence in fitting in its very own, respective, definition which can be used to help describe my experiences and expressions, but, of course, as always, remember, and reminder, that my identity is more than that.
► I do not prefer labels due to the possibility of them making negative, dehumanizing, stereotypes. I don't exactly need labels, they, mostly, most of the time, really, stress me out; the pressure of needing to immediately figure out, and find the place where I belong is too much. Labels, for me, personally, have a claustrophobic or restrictive feeling to them - like being put in a small box; sure, the box I was in is even bigger than before but I was still inside, I was still there in said state, and I would like to be outside, free. I am aware that this is not the same case for all parties and that is perfectly fine, good for you even.
► There are no rules when it comes to someone's personal identity (as long as it is not harmful), no one has the right to dictate or say what I am and am not. Not everything has to make sense all of the time, if you do not understand me that is your problem.

Views: 34, posted on: 2022-06-20