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Twitter Files // Election Fraud

"The Twitter Files" is proof of election interference, but more importantly, it is evidence of humanity being intentionally mislead by elite individuals with the power to do so.

Right before election day, trump was on tv talking about this guy "yoel roth" and other social media execs colluding with Democrats to silence and erase any talk about the discovery of hunter biden's business deals in Ukraine, "10% to the big guy" and whatnot, well, it turns out it was all true.

Social media and big tech had bots running to silence and erase anything related to mail-in ballots, ukraine, or proof that the sitting vice president's son had been making de-facto/ex-officio deals with the public's money for their own personal enrichment. In other words, in order to sway an election, federal officers AND social media executives, intentionally & working together, did hide the fact that the Biden's had literally misused the authority granted to the office held by Joe Biden. I am not a lawyer, but surely this must be illegal.

I am no fan of Trump, and it sounds crazy, but as it turns out --the orange retard was correct all along. Social media executives and federal officials colluded to undermine a presidential election and then spin its results as having been fair & neutral.

This is quite literally Bernaysian/Goebbelsian propaganda of the highest order, the malicious convergence of finance, politics, technology, bad-actors, and national media to intentionally obfuscate truth and promulgate unequivocal lies to humanity, until such time as truth become invisible and lie accepted so indisputably that it appeared pathological to even question.

"The Great Lie", is what they called it on the national news, a fitting name in retrospect, but for the wrong reasons.

'Dystopian' doesn't begin to cover the fact that there was a corporate funded & politically partisan operation to undermine the will of the public, in the public's own democratic process, and at the highest level. A nefarious backhanded conspiration to literally silence & censure the public's most powerful elected official. They muted the President of The United States. That paid actors worked in concert on behalf of vested political/economic interests to contradict fact and thereby deceive/mislead the public in both the leadup to, and the aftermath of, an historical election, should be counted among the most alarming of revelations. Doesn't matter which 'side' you're on, this is unacceptable.

The elite have wielded their ill-gotten power in a way that will have incalculable implications on the future that we ALL share, and the course of the last few years has made it crystal-clear that their actions have been a disaster for humanity. We now stand on the brink of nuclear annihilation, and tenuously clinging for dear life in the throes of unprecedented economic upheaval. The rich and powerful have prospered more than ever, and the rest of us are suffering worse than at any point in any of our lifetimes.

This leak is indeed huge, that cannot be overstated.

In my opinion, in this Digital Information Age, it is comparable politically to those sumptuary laws enacted by previous iterations of nobility, but rather than restricting the consumption of /luxury items/ in order to maintain their advantageous positions in the historical socio-economic stratification, we now see undeniable evidence of the intentional restriction of the consumption of /luxury digital information/ to the executive and political classes, who have clearly wielded the privilege of deciding what information is fit for the rest of humanity against us, as it suits them.

Make no mistake, this is an act of indirect violence.

They would have gotten away with it, and they'd still be controlling what information humanity has a right to know, if it weren't for one rogue billionaire wanting to shake things up. It is completely unacceptable, and should be considered an act of the highest possible violence, for ANY person or group to digitally play God, by attempting to subdue truth and parse out its' bastardization to their own advantage.

Musk has answered /quis custodiet/, and proven that /what's done in the dark shall be brought to the light/. Cui bono? We do.

The twitter files are great and all, but we now want to know WHO (QUI?) were the clientele of Epstein and Maxwell. We want to see the information that a judge decided was too scandalous and shocking for the public. We want answers. The old world is falling and the era of the digitally informed human has arrived, not with a whimper but with belligerent defiance.

The rabbit hole starts here:https://twitter.com/mtaibbi/status/1601352083617505281?s=20&t=_HavAh8lTu8cIUxFVggCXQ

Views: 27, posted on: 2022-12-11