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SupDucks X Whiskers

Speckles of light glistened and danced across the surface of the pond as the generous sun bathed the area in its intense but unpunishing warmth. It was another peaceful day in the lagoon and, aside from the general ambience of the surroundings, things were subdued and hypnotic enough that made it quite difficult not to drift into an afternoon nap.

Abruptly, a magnificent splash was heard, startling both Chip and Ricky and causing Chip to roll out of his recliner. “Ricky! Why the heck did you do that!?” “Chip, it wasn’t me, I didn’t do anything!” Chip looked on curiously and then offered, “Well, what was it then?”. They both looked around to make sure King Frog hadn’t been playing in the water or worse, trying to get a rise out of ‘em. Suddenly, Ricky hollered, “You see that!?”. Glances shifted over to an area of the pond where ripples gently radiated out of an otherwise unremarkable spot. Slowly, the top of a head emerged, followed by frightened eyes. “Holy cow! It’s an alien!” Chip declared.

“I’m, I’m n-n-n-ot an alien, I’m from Windrose City!” Chip and Ricky looked quizzically at each other. “Windrose?” They said, almost in unison. “Yes, I’m from Windrose.” The small creature said as it exited the pond. “I was spending my afternoon at the Old Wizard’s Shrine when I fell into the fountain. The next thing I knew, I ended up here in this weird place.” The cousins were confused but empathetic because the little guy’s cuteness was so disarming and he seemed fairly earnest. “Well, we don’t know anything about Windrose but we’re just outside of a place called LA. If you want, you can hang out with us here until we can figure out how to get you back home..

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