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This text has nothing to do with biology and science in general, nor does it cite any references, but with racism and was obviously written by a frustrated man. These data presented here are completely arbitrary and relativized. It is generally known that people of mixed phenotypes or races are both healthier and more beautiful to anyone who looks outside and smarter. We are talking about some three races here, and that setting itself is not correct. This view stems from the Christian fundamentalist view of the flood, of Noah and his three sons who are the ancestors of the three races. Modern science and especially genetics know that this is complete nonsense. There are at least six races in the world and several large mixed regions. It is also completely incorrect that MENSA defines the average IQ of some races set here by the racist in question. In fact, MENSA lists average IQs by country or nation. These data do not show any superiority of the Chinese over other nations. China is a very developed society, but it has nothing to do with high IQs or some supposedly special genes. It is wrong to link gene mixing and the percentage of cancer growth and then list some specific regions that actually have a high percentage of cancer due to specific environmental conditions. There are thousands of papers that follow a rigorous scientific methodology and a wealth of experimental evidence to suggest that gene mixing improves the body's immune system in the first place. That is why women are looking for men with as many different pheromones as possible, and this has nothing to do with the cultural pattern, but exclusively with biology. So if you have a tendency towards your race exclusively, you actually have a tendency towards similar genes and that is a kind of tendency towards endogenous mixing, ie incest. The sickest and most deviant people are born from incestuous marriages between relatives, which are preferred by many nations and I will talk about them soon. The example of Kazakhstan and the percentage of cancer is not a good example, because the percentage of cancer there is very high because of the former Soviet nuclear center Semipalatinsk and because of the nuclear tests performed in the desert of central Kazakhstan. Where this has not been the case, there is no risk of cancer. Cancer is a consequence of the pressure of certain factors on cell physiology, ie cytology. Of course, these factors do not exist in the rural population, but they are very pronounced in crowded urban areas. Both of these environments can be both racially pure and racially mixed. It is also wrong to cite Latin America as an example, because they are the descendants of initially low-cultural ethnic groups. They are simply peoples who developed ethnogenesis like all other peoples, except that the initial ancestors were at a low cultural level. They are also a post-colonial and post-slave area and it is logical that they cannot give enviable descendants. But also isolated mountain groups that do not mix, although they do not have tumors and other specific diseases of the modern world, they have some other exclusively hereditary diseases and all this can be very easily observed by observing these groups. Such are, for example, the Amish. On the other hand, we have India, which is mostly racially mixed and has the best mathematicians in the world and one of the best doctors of natural sciences and people of high intelligence. One of the racially mixed environments is Israel, and there are people at the very top of the IQ scale. It is clear to me that people from the other side of the world tend to view people from one continent on the other side of the world as one race, because they do not see any significant differences for them. However, that is not true. Thus, modern genetics has proven that haplogroups, which are one of the genotypes, are combinatorially present in all nations and have common ancestors. We are all just combinatorics of about 30 haplogroups. Thus, the Russians are also racially mixed, and they have some of the most beautiful people, the best engineers and scientists, and very ingenious people. It is also important to know that IQ has nothing to do with genius. So we have Serbs who have given a lot of genius people, and they are a relatively small nation, because there are maybe at most 15 million Serbs in the world. On the other hand, there are 100 times more Chinese, but that does not mean that they have given 100 times more ingenious people. To enumerate this to make it clear to you. The Serbs gave Nikola Tesla who completely changed the world in terms of energy and telecommunications and improved the general quality of our species. The Serbs gave Mihajlo Pupin, who developed a modern way of telecommunications, information warfare and was the founder and first director of NASA. Pavle Savić discovered a chain reaction and thus paved the way for the nuclear era. Milutin Milanković is the creator of celestial mechanics and his formulas are used by all meteorological, astronomical and cosmonautical institutes and agencies. Jovan Cvijić was the first to give a modern definition of phenotypes and the connection between climate, phenotypic characteristics and psychology. The Serb was the first to invent an airship before Count Zeppelin, the first to construct an OTO engine, albeit a two-stroke, but the first with internal combustion. A Serb in Russia was the first to develop a rocket for space flight and left the works to Tsiolkovsky. The first modern clock was created in today's Serbia. I could go on and on. But what's the point. Serbs are not a racially pure people. The old Serbs from 1500 years ago mostly belonged to one phenotype and that is the so-called steppe phenotype that stretches from the Adriatic Sea to northwestern China, to Xinjiang and to which the mountain white ethnic groups of China belong. This phenotype gave rise to all the steppe equestrian peoples, including the ancestors of the Tatars, who dominated China for a long time. Thus, modern Serbs are a mixture of as many as 3-4 human phenotypes. On the other hand, we have pure peoples in the north of Europe, and these are Scandinavian peoples who mix exclusively with each other, so endogenously and have not left anything valuable behind. On the other hand, we have the French who are also phenotypic mixes and have given some very resounding scientific names, such as; Ampere, Coulomb, Jules. The Russian genius writer Pushkin had a great-grandfather, a black man, and in the direct patrilineal lineage, Pushkin was a Serb. If we go to the Far East, we can hardly declare the pure-blooded members of the Asian race, which are the only ones in southern China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma, to be the most intelligent peoples in the world. All the data show that this is not the case. That is why the northern Chinese, who mostly mixed with the Tatars, and who were essentially white races 1000 years ago, show a significantly higher IQ than those peoples in the south. I say again that the only question is what is limited as a race. And pure races certainly do not exist and people are of the same origin from 70,000 years ago. Everything else is not science. Also, the one about the maturing of children is complete nonsense and it is not so much related to race. For example, the purest Asians in the Far East have the shortest life expectancy, and the most racially mixed races in northern China have the longest. Thus, in the world, the Himalayan people Hundze have an average life expectancy between 110 and 115 years and their children mature at the latest, and Hundze are racially white, while those peoples next to them, like Sherpas, live twice as short as them, and Sherpas are Asian. In China, girls got married 100 years ago when they were very young, and even today it is preferred for a woman to get married by the age of 24, because after that she is considered too old. In most parts of Europe, this has not been practiced for a long time and children live with their parents as children until they go to college. So close to the 20s. It is far from the case in Southeast Asia, and even there, girls get married as soon as they get their period. There is no need to talk about the relationship between the beauty and purity of race. Thus, India has given Miss World for three years in a row, and many girls are from Latin America or Eastern Europe, where there is also racial mixing, ie people and nations are composed of 2-3 or more phenotypes. That is why, on the other hand, we have Scandinavians, Englishmen, or people from the Tibetan plateau, who are one of the ugliest peoples in the world, because they do not mix with anyone. I still claim that this text was written by a man whose frustration stems from the fact that maybe the woman he liked went with a stranger. The solution to these problems is simple. China has more men than women because of the wrong policy about one child that existed before and because of tradition. Also, many Chinese women want to marry European men, because that gives more beautiful children, especially beautiful girls. As an Eastern European, I also prefer the Chinese and I think it is a more complementary combination in many ways. This can be easily solved if the surplus of Chinese men starts marrying women from Eastern Europe, where there are more women than men. Personally, I know that the Chinese prefer Eastern European women the most, and as a man I fully understand them in that and I have not the slightest jealousy towards that. In Serbia, there are the most connections between Chinese men and Serbian women, and such children are beautiful, smarter and more creative than both nations. Eastern European women prefer Chinese men more and more, as do they. Like Eastern European men who prefer Chinese and other Asian women.

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