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-KÄNDORI will consist of at least 100 renders. (21 have been completed to date)
-All KÄNDORI will be auctioned on the official KÄNDORI holaplex site. All auctions will begin with a starting price of 0.00 sol.

-When appropriate, an official KÄNDORI discord server will be introduced. While it may have some channels open to the public, most channels will be closed to holders. We will use a verification system such as grape protocol to ensure ease of access.

-Within the server, members will be introduced to the following mechanics:

-Eternal existence potion: behind the scenes project mechanics (as follows)

Unannounced, unsolicited retroactive disbursement to holders after each auction.

-Invisible hand
Natural project attraction via various elements including but not limited to artistry, artist’s story & history in the space, project mechanics.

-Guidance of Buddha
Project treasury. The ultimate goal of this project is to formulate the various elements found throughout in such a way that by the end of the auctions (after all pieces have been auctioned) it would be possible to set up and maintain a mainnet validator node. This would be done for the following purposes:
a) Provide holders with regular payments in sol, stemming directly from node earnings, and
b) Help to further secure the solana blockchain

If project revenue allows for such a venture to be undertaken but is found to be unfeasible, a next best alternative shall be discussed and agreed upon in a fair manner.

*DISCLAIMER: This is not being advertised as a “utility” project. KÄNDORI is my personal artwork, every voxel is hand shaded. While I believe my artwork is worthy of others approval, personally, I would love to create this in a way that allows me to financially enable the holders. KÄNDORI is always learning and always open to new ideas.
***UNAUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION MAY RESULT IN REVOCATION OF PRIVATE ACCESS. Feel free to share your thoughts/insight publicly. Please refrain from detailing whitepaper specifics publicly.


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