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I was also working at a British Airways branch, and had to sell my stake in the airline for £20m to buy a house.

I have been fortunate enough to have been on the same boat as my Dad as a long time. He got his start sailing at 19. He had started flying at 22 and started flying the same age as me. I remember thinking what a wonderful thing it was to be able to travel all the way to the west coast, and then fly to that point and then to the east coast, making it all the way to England.

He had also been in the UK for the rest of his life, and was a good sailor, but at 25 he found sailing difficult when he had to retire after a year. I remember sailing the first class of aircraft he ever built, and having to sell it for £5m for a house in Suffolk. I remember being so happy. He had always been my hero, and I now know how much he meant to others. It was an amazing experience.

My dad was an aviation and social worker, and as a child he was the youngest of three children living on his own, with his girlfriend and nine grandchildren, and my sister, who is now three. He and his wife were both brilliant. He and I both had a great interest in sailing, and at 16 I was on the boat that he built, and our family took us to the Isle of Wight. We stayed with him, and then we sailed in the Gulf of Guinea, to the North Atlantic, and then to South America.

I had a wonderful childhood, and one of the most special things about sailing was the fact that I was able to get a boat that I could sail on and out of. I was able to get so many amazing things in my life, and then I could stay on the island, and live. I was lucky because I had a great home in Southampton, where I had two kids, and a great family. It was a very home-like place. It was beautiful, and it was a wonderful place to be.

What we did together was really interesting, and what we did not do together was sail. We bought a boat, and it was a great, wonderful boat, and on the Isle of Wight it was a very unique place.

I had never

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