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I was on a boat for two years, which cost me £400,000, and took me to the Isle of Man to take a boat tour of the harbour.

In the summer of 2001, I was on board my first yacht and when my first round of tests were complete I knew I was ready to enter the ocean. I came out in the middle of the afternoon to find myself in a deep sea, a place that was about 50km long and with a depth of about 7m. I was almost immediately swept away by the waves. When I came back to shore, I saw that my father had died on shore, and a second boat was waiting for me. The first was not my father's but mine; I had just entered the sea when I lost my life by drowning. My father was a young man who had just turned 19, and the first boat was with him when I drowned, and I was at sea for over two months. The second boat belonged to a company called the Batswana, which operated the Bays of Bumwah, in the Bahamas. The Batswana's ship was going to be used to conduct tests for a new study of marine life but I had not received any further information.

I decided to go on board the second boat, which was, of course, the Batswana. I had been in the Batswana for 10 years when my father died, and my first boat was only recently returned to me. So I did not leave out of any of the possibilities for adventure; I was on my fifth ship, and was in a deep sea of the sea when I lost my father.

My first attempt at being in the water was a little too short. I had a short time in the water before I came to an abrupt end, and the tide was so hard that I had to climb a small hill. I had been off the coast of the Bahamas for about 45 minutes before I came to land with the other two boats. The first boat was in the water for about 45 minutes and the second boat was out for about 15 minutes.

I then turned round to the nearest boat and looked in the direction of the first boat. When I looked at it I was greeted by a young man holding a big, yellow bottle of wine. I asked, "Is he a Captain? How is he doing?" He said, "He is a Captain. He has been on board my second boat for nearly two years now, and he is in the boat for the purpose of conducting the tests." I asked him, "He is Captain of the Batswana. You can call him Captain and he will tell you everything about the Batswana."

I was in a mood to try out anything, even if I had to pay a little extra for a ticket. I gave him a big bottle of wine and said, "I am Captain of the Batswana. I think I might be able to make this trip." He said, "Well, then you have to go with me to the island where the Batswana lives."

Then he said, "I will have to ask you for money. I have been looking for some money, and I am not going to give it to you. I am going to pay you for the trip."

I asked him, "In what way now?" he said, "Well, if you want to go and have a drink. I am going to have a glass of wine. But I will have to ask you."

"I will have to ask you for money if you want to go with me," I told him. He said, "Well, that's up to me."

I asked him if he was sure that the Batswana was Captain of the Batswana. He said, "Well, I don

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